How Could You Be More Racist?

Who doesn’t care about racism? Meet the man who performed erroneously. Ottis O’Toole had the nerve. Don’t be like one of those fraudulent “woke” pieces of garbage.

I related radio to slavery. It was a teachable moment. A knockout. Definitely wrong. Ottis O’Toole was the actor playing the role. O’Toole was a jerk. Lionheart was responsible. Racism has very negative consequences. Hated and not loved. There were two main reasons for the immature broadcaster’s demise. Because he got high, Daniel Blowden flat out said, “How?” Why did he ask that question when he never intended it to be a question? Stereotypes can be very offensive. And doing the math, the broadcaster had little going for him. It was the most terrible incompetence in radio broadcasting history.

WRICH Classic Radio Files

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