The Early Issues

Epic Big Lie Disclaimer

Why did I think I was @DJTonyTattoni livin’ it up on social media stuck in luck with a YouTube channel and everything? Translation? I don’t know, but it’s easier to get away with a big lie than a small one. Roses are red and violets are blue. Tony T. doesn’t have a clue about tomorrow night’s coup.

Exactly how big radio stations rose to power has long been the subject of historical debate among internet radio enthusiasts. Rose might’ve been in on it. Who’s Rose Delmato?

But nothing else matters. Anyhow now I’m getting hungry as fuck and someone needs to eat the Hawaiian pizza off the floor before promoting the next great big story.

Travis? Who? What did he do? Oh yeah, audio-recorded stories of Wyatt McReynold’s trafficking adventures voiced by a part-time Lionheart employee named Travis Taylor. Traffic History Month. Back to the pizza.

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