Lionheart Radio

Last Episode

A lonely island lost in time, but I remember. His penitentiary, but I’m not angry. I’m disappointed in myself. How could I have said: “Your tone sucks, you’re out of tune, your rhythm is actively working against you, but don’t stop because I think you’re heading in the right direction.” politely?

Ottis was rude, wanting out of The Rude Native’s Karaoke scene. Mario Juan Valez was demoted to AM radio, but he got out. A recipe for disaster, onto the pristine beaches of white sand and innocent victims tuning in and out of high frequencies. Ottis O’Toole returned to his roots, modern Aztec mythology, and reprised his Super Mario role. Ottis was hungry for it. I always had a place for him deep down in my heart, despite everything.

The last episode, also the lost episode includes an in-depth interview with Buck. The one-on-one justified only the most thorough clinical research in psychoanalysis. I almost never released it. Too much sharing. Don’t suck on too many lollipop wrappers. My cousin called me naked, complained about his sweet tooth and I gave him what he wanted to hear. This’ll show him. Now sit back and sing Arkells’ Whistleblower for your own amusement?

Courtesy of Al Bot
AM 2200 Classic Radio File

“Adiós Muchachos”

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