Lionheart Radio

Travel Tips

There was no Renaissance. There was no Technossance. Everything from prehistoric times was a Richossance. It was a violent time. The world has never been the same.

Travel back in time to kill all the dinosaurs and preserve radio. You need a favourite radio station. Bring Brewington beer, dessert, travel passports, ghetto blasters, party balloons, Mickey Mouse T-shirts, and wicked dinosaur bones.

When loading luggage in the overhead bin, make sure your radio is blasting. Make sure you have heavy-duty headphones for the long trip. Rock on like there’s no tomorrow. Rock like a pro. Ignore bullshit about rising unemployment and through-the-roof gas prices. Get to your destination safely.

Be good.

Charge your phone before heading out into the wild. A parrot flies for seven hours straight.

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WRICH Radio Commercial-Free
WRICH Radio Commercial-Free
WRICH Radio Live-On-Location
WRICH Radio Breakdown Show
WRICH Radio With Daniel Blowden

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