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Travel Tips

There was no Renaissance. There was no Technossance. Everything from prehistoric times was a Richossance. It was a violent time. The world has never been the same. It will never be the same.

No more travel updates. Travel back in time to kill all the dinosaurs and preserve radio. You need a favourite radio station. Bring Brewington beer, dessert, travel passports, ghetto blasters, party balloons, old Mickey Mouse T-shirts, and wicked dinosaur bones.

When loading luggage in the overhead bin, make sure your radio is blasting. Make sure you have heavy-duty headphones for the long trip. Rock on like there’s no tomorrow. Rock like a pro. Ignore passport fraud, rising unemployment and through-the-roof gas prices. Get to my airport safely on a King Lear Jet.

Crossed borders? No worries. It’s handled by Russians now. AM 2200 acquired rights to simulcast baseball games. No more leaks. The most valuable player, Pat Borders could catch. A classic radio show, almost from its own strike zone and in the history books. Travis Taylor played Wyatt McReynolds, and dude also traded cards.

AM 2200 with Wyatt McReynolds

Charge your phone before heading out into the wild. A headless parrot flies for eleven hours straight.

King Kong” visits New York City and swats at airplanes and birds.
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