Lionheart Radio, The Lionheart Crew

Prime Radio

Who would ever want to be king? Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

I had a bad idea.

I thought I’m in media. If Don Imus can play a racist cowboy, then maybe I could play a king. And there you have it. My full name is Richard Mark Anthony Tattoni. This is something I did years ago in 2015. But this isn’t “big dick” history. I’m not about to reveal my real past. Everything captured on the airwaves leading up to Richard Weber’s bloody-bad coronation is here. I represented a fictional role. I had a great time. For one entire week, I ate seven chocolate sprinkles, two glazed, three maple buttermilk, and four crullers. I want to thank WRICH Radio for giving me a shot and taking a chance on me.

King Richard XII took control of Lionheart. It took a few too many years, but the #TennisCommunity loves me. I’m the author of a manuscript about the life of a crazy adult misfit. Wait for it. Until then, here’s radio from my prime. My agent does not know.

Prime Radio Show #1
Prime Radio Show #2
Prime Radio Show #3
Prime Radio Show #4
Prime Radio Show #5
Prime Radio Show #6
God, it was fun.

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