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Powerful alternative radio. WRICH 109.9 FM grows older. The heart and soul of a fabrication business.

The number eleven hit music on your tomahawk radio station. Music as diverse as the company. There are cash giveaways, concert tickets, and free eye care appointments. There’s a Kingdom with the King of burgers, Native brother, Aztec live-on-location, my cousin, weather, traffic, business, sports, hardcore entertainment. There’s no Blowden In The Morning or Daniel And Mario Show for your drive to work, but there’s Heartbreak Radio on the radio at The Buck Burgers in the heart of Brewington, and rural Burlington.

Ottis O’Toole, the employee of the month for two years, first signed the wrong contract. Bro later signed the right contract, but suffered regrettable damages from a breach of contract. But how about Prime time? The head office is located in Toronto, Ontario. CEOs gather in the lunch room for brunch, two hours of work, before they order another expensive meal and eat dinner early. I performed at the Toronto office in my prime. Have mercy, I would wait to pronounce a Canadian “Z” just to say Jay-Z all day. Nothing, but I read an eleven-page article in The Harlem Herald about me being tone-deaf in my prime. No changes.

Original radio. A strange frequency, and leading choice for rock. It has nothing to do with mathematics. Brewington’s FM station, and the only choice. A Lionheart radio station leaking unjustly for a richer tomorrow.

Before high times, we built the radio station from a rich history. Richard Tiger, also known as the Tiger Direct Prince was the father of Rouge Prince Richard and King Richard I, whom gained the crown after Tiger’s death, the year after Jim Morrison died to briefly rise into heaven to sit at the left-hand of God. Richard Tiger quickly wore out working behind the scenes. During a radio show, the Tiger Direct Prince complained of static noise and then perished after five days of suffering.

Radio never really ends. It’s high times. We’re accepting job applications and sex tapes, just not in the real world.

Beyond parody.

A Technossance company. Lionheart Inc. is now Lionheart Enterprises® fabrication business. Russian partners and new management lead the company beyond and into the future. In another bold move, a Russian restaurateur and former Lionheart executive bought Starbucks’s flagship location in Moscow after the company pulled out of Russia six months ago. In what feels like the “Dumb Starbucks” episode of The Buck Rogers Show come to life, they’ve decided to keep most of the branding and name it “Stars Coffee,” saying, “Bucks left. Stars have stayed.” WRICH has stayed, but nobody is paying to listen. It brings shivers down your spine. It’s turned into an old jungle cruise attraction.

Lionheart Business

Who doesn’t like Elvis or jungle cruises? The Russians said they had loads of money. I tried. I mean I actually did go back to New York City. I got on a jet plane alone. Got to a jammed terminal, took the subway, walked thirty minutes to Times Square, and pitched my ideas. The CEO of Frito-Lay told me to attack a castle in Scotland. The president of Palmolive laughed, called me a silly white Negro with dirty hands. I waited, hoping, but big advertisers told me to take more classes, told me not to steal. I waited and prayed, but nothing. Nobody wanted to sponsor the shows.

New York City

I went back home. Back to my “office” in the basement and drank myself silly. Stale Doritos made me sick. A day at the office always included overtime. First air harmonica, then I’d pick up a broomstick as my battle axe and put on my best guitar face. When I was finished, I’d pretend to play drums. The entire world rocked, even New York City. But all I could do was muster a solo. It was pathetic. Good luck, King Pencil Dick. I hope you have a big eraser.

La Nueva On Location
The Daniel Blowden Show
The Daniel Blowden Show
Heartbreak History Raw #1
Heartbreak History Raw #2
The Prime Radio Show
The Daniel Blowden Show
La Nueva On Location
The Daniel Blowden Show
The Breakdown Show
The Prime Radio Show
The Breakdown Show
Heartbreak History Show
The Daniel Blowden Show
Heartbreak History Demo #1
Heartbreak History Demo #2
Heartbreak History Demo #3

Your #11 Hit Music Station

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