Want To Rock Higher? Finish Your Day Like This

Get Off and imagine Club 11 pulsing from techno beats.

I didn’t want to spend my time writing about the burnt toast or the dull itch under one of my armpits. So, I started imagining Club 11 Nightclub, as part of a dream from my picaresque novel, and it’s really a great story that’s almost done. Music can make a story better… I research more. I really need to get off and edit. But before I edit, I just want to get off by listening to more music for the mind. Now I’ve reached the end of the Internet. There’s a sign there that says GET OFF. It’s a targeted ad. People who know me best know I want to get Off. Just to keep bugs from biting me to death after a long day and it’s the only way to rock away the night. Stay away!

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