1 Way to Increase Your Faith

Leonardo’s Last Supper is a type of painting from early Renaissance painting traditions. Popular religious paintings of art focused on secular themes and the classic world. New Technossance art imagines a new world. Music has always been a matter of biblical importance to me, a question of faith. But what does Revelation 1:7 have to do with it? How do you know the return of Jesus isn’t as Jim?

Jim Morrison and The Doors should be required listening. Heaven, like love, strength and courage, is a strange thing; the more the holy spirit gives, the more we find we have to listen to find our soul. Jim Morrison, an everyday person like Jesus Christ, healed people with his music and was crucified by the media. Lent is a 40-day season of prayer, reading Twitter and listening to The Doors. He rises after the end. Jim eats one Cadbury Creme Egg every day, and so should you.

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