Soul Commentary

Just In Case No One Told You

Party on! But if I was Wayne and Garth, I would just chill the fuck out and be cool. Skedaddles is my cat who loves to rock with me in the basement.

Skedaddles used to follow my monkee business until it lost interest, started reading Dana Carvey’s quotes, returned to the real world in the Brewington community, and treated other cats with the utmost kindness. It’s how it handles good and bad luck. The cat is really my best friend.

SNL Commercial

I’m drumming and dreaming of community radio.

The Monkees Last Tour

I think now more people are interested in soul music and streaming new sound. Fewer people are interested in radio. Music can serve as a means of communication when it’s not isolating and dividing us on social media. Party on. Rock on. The soul is the truth of who we are. It’s a weird world of music. What are the most requested music genres on the radio?

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