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Lawyers Wonder Where Media Might Lead

Hate speech? Maybe. It’ll lead to a hole in the wall for some. For others, it’ll be a cultural revolution. For some minorities, it’ll foster love. Some will hate. Some will fight.

There are some that want to divide us like this is the Technossance. We can eat where we want, live where we want. We own the radio waves. In case you haven’t noticed, I act extraterrestrial. I’ve known Drew Barrymore and “extraterrestrials” all of my life. Up until it ended.


Average Joe wants to know. The truck driver scratches his head. I’m kinda wondering, too. Who starts a revolution in pop culture? American lawyers actually start a revolution in media streaming online and on basic cable. Alan Dershowitz is a high-priced American lawyer known for his work on the O.J. Simpson murder case seen on CNN. You gotta love Alan Dershowitz. Mario Juan Valez got paid nothing to love Alan. Sounds strange, a little queer, but the radio broadcaster practically begged for help to get rich. Mario, or Ottis, got nothing. No cigar.

I couldn’t help Mario, but I’m sharing this fair use audio file that has no place on-air in traditional media. People in Puerto Rico suffer every day. Mario Juan Valez did his people a great service.

WRICH Radio Station Rundown Sheet
WRICH Classic Radio Show

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