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AM 2200

How vengeful does a hungry AM frequency sound? They blast Lionheart everywhere in Brewington.

A royal rumor might be inspiring straight men to get their asses over to Brewington. Follow the peanuts.


Everyone listens. It’s easy-listening from inside the horse-drawn carriage, the aisles in Beaver Lumber, Dairy Queen, Subway, the library, the brewery, the burger joint way out on the east side of town and literally every home.

The Buck Burgers

Crave the classics. Traffic History Month. Everything you missed. And don’t miss Wyatt McReynolds catching his last shot at fame. The Classic Country Show only had one pilot episode starring the old man. Too bad.

Back at Buck Burgers in Brewington today where they’ve clearly drunk the Koolaid that COVID still exists and is bad and worth avoiding, with the staff all liquored up in there, so I gave them all my money and in return, they gave me delicious burgers and a shirt. Thanks, Buck Burgers! Certainly worth a buck. I sit down for a second. Drunk from too many cans of Brewington, I put down my book of The Canterbury Tales and start walking. I take to the village square yelling into a bullhorn. I’m way ahead of the times with some old super-strange Nueva rants.

A big part of lyfe hath just been tryinge to visit all of the places Ich learned about playinge ‘Wher Yn The Worlde ys Carmen Sandiego?’ on the Commodore 64. Who cares about video games when there’s “radio” that makes me so important?

AM 2200 Classic Radio

Ever have a radio buddy? Ottis O’Toole and Mike Rogers never got along. They hated sharing the airwaves. Ottis was playing Super Mario and had an idea for Buck to read his favorite book. From the mind of Ottis O’Toole, a two-part bonus episode of The Golden Oldies, featuring the stories “A Dream of Eleven Thousand Cats” and “The Girl with a Tuna Salad Cunt and Cantaloupe Tits” never made it to air, but it might be somewhere on Sirius satellite radio. It sounded stupid-good enough. Sure, it would’ve been thrilling to hear Cricket on the radio (from the agent heroine who had a very public implosion and found herself back in rehab at the Mohawk Treatment Centre). But it ended in misery. Where was the beef? Buck Burgers sold out. Brewington needed more fast food. #BrewingtonCommunity

Mike’s Favorite Book

Bim, Bam, Boom!

AM 2200 Golden Oldies Show
AM 2200 Commerical-Free Mix #1
AM 2200 Commercial-Free Mix #2
AM 2200 Classic Country Show
AM 2200 Golden Oldies Demo #1
AM 2200 Golden Oldies Demo #2
AM 2200 Golden Oldies Show Finalé

Mr. Rogers Learned to Loathe Radio and Ottis

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