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Why Not Modernize Rock Operas On The Radio?

My wife took me to my first Cleveland Indians game. I think I was 40 or something. Heavy rain, awe. There was a double-header the next day. It didn’t matter who won or lost. Thanks for the memories.

Getty Images, 2015.

I went home and cut Ottis loose. It was enough of the nonsense. Daniel Blowden retired, but not before he taught me about pipes after the show. I got drunk as a skunk, and the good native got high.

The evolution of Daniel’s peace pipes according to Technossance history.

That’s how I got hooked on him. My Little Pony conventions exist. I’m sort of digging this shit as a comic book. Another roll of toilet paper. A silly symphony and a fuck you to Disney.

This was just a fucking radio show.

WRICH Radio Station Rundown Sheet
WRICH 109.9 On The FM DIal

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