Any Questions?, Lionheart Radio

Why Not Modernize Rock Operas On The Radio?

My wife took me to my first Cleveland Indians game. I think I was 40 or something. Heavy rain, awe. There was a double-header the next day. It didn’t matter who won or lost. Thanks for the memories.

Getty Images, 2015.

I went home and cut Ottis loose. It was enough of the utter nonsense. Daniel Blowden retired, but not before he taught me about pipes after the show. I got drunk as a skunk, and the good native got high. Skype meetings got pretty heavy. I could almost smell the dude through the monitor. Ottis interrupted “Goonies” on the screen. I told him to watch fifty episodes of “Friends” and try edibles instead. He took a haul from his pipe and just nodded.

The evolution of Daniel’s peace pipes according to Technossance history.

That’s how I got hooked on Ottis. In the role of a lifetime as Daniel, I tried to help the poor bastard. “My Little Pony” conventions exist. I’m sort of digging Rose as his assistant, and just to drive him crazy by getting him to write his own comic book. Another roll of toilet paper. A silly symphony and a fuck you to Disney.

This was just a fucking radio show.

WRICH Radio Station Rundown Sheet
WRICH 109.9 on the FM Dial

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