Buck News

Only six bucks? Really? Yes, because we’re really going downstairs, but the shows cost nothing. I can’t get it out of my head. Inflation ruined the “Buck Rogers Show” a long time ago in a galaxy here on earth. A Mars bar costs twenty bucks online for its chocolatey goodness. WOW radio never paid the bills.

Buck Rogers In The 25th Century staring Ottis O’Toole directly in the face. Issue number ten of the comic book had been folded back neatly and placed on the edge of the messy coffee table in a gross, ugly room resembling a war room after a bomb attack. Still, Ottis had created a nice studio for himself. In his mind, he was doing a fine job in rehabilitation. Fruit flies swarmed into a cooler beside the fridge and started spreading out. He had violently taken a swatter to them. The apartment was worth the price of the comic book, but it was home, and there was no place like home. The empty bag of Doritos was sitting on the edge of the stained carpet beside the empty pizza box. He was staring at the muted TV interrupted by manic flies and naked images on Hustler TV. Heart racing, Ottis wondered how much he needed to save to buy premium porn and pay the bills. He wanted better porn and Hawaiian pizza. Sometimes, he was a philosopher when he wasn’t a radio star. A pepperoni slice was a metaphor for the world and he hunched over the pizza box thinking about lies and truth. He loved pizza. After devouring the last slice of last week’s pizza, the gas churning inside his stomach needed somewhere to go, so he let it rip. The lion fart smelled like true Lionheart art. More fruit flies swarmed. His friendship with Mike, all the bad memories.

Comic Books, for a long time, have been created as art. Sometimes, it talks.

Ottis didn’t know Mike as well as he knew himself. I never bought into any of it. I’d just listen. I can find my favourite six shows here and it’s worth a whole lotta love. It starts out slow, but then Buck gets into a serious heavy metal funk. I put a stop to it all.

The Buck Rogers Radio Show #1
The Buck Rogers Radio Show #2
The Buck Rogers Radio Show #3
The Buck Rogers Radio Show #4
The Buck Rogers Radio Show #5
The Buck Rogers Radio Show #6

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