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Richard Tattoni got a call one time. Someone spoke so fast, Richard didn’t know what he was saying. The caller ended with “Understand?” It began with “Please.” The tone was like a demand. He can’t find the exact source on Canada 411 or the yellow pages, but they list the area code in the Yellow Pages as coming from Brewington. The caller didn’t ask who he was speaking to before he began to talk. Maybe he thought he was calling into a Lionheart radio station. The caller never identified himself. Richard hung up because he thought it was either a prank call or a telemarketer. After he hung up, he called back. When Richard’s answering machine came on, he just hung up. But stranger things happen every day. We rock on while the old newspapers pile up in the recycling bin and news from yesterday is forgotten.

Crickets are louder in the grass. The moon is his only reminder of the literary agents that got away.

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