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Brewington’s Library Honours Daniel Blowden

I wanted to escape the harsh realities for a while. A library is a place to find refuge. Radio provides great training to go back into the strange, real world.

Brewington’s library recognizes natives. But I wasn’t in the book club. Oddly, madly, Daniel Blowden performed raw shows in the old Burlington and Richmond Hill libraries. Fearlessly, Daniel Blowden never gave up. He was lucky enough to perform at a radio gala in Richmond Hill. Even Lugvulture, the Sandman and night clerks showed up to watch. Jerry Read and others listened and read awesome one-liners on laptops. It went on forever. But no one could get near bro. No one really knew the hours of service that bud gave back to the radio community. I wasn’t a fan of Ottis, but when he played Daniel, it was phenomenal. Daniel was tough-as-nails. He didn’t tip-toe through the tulips with his pipe.

The Lionheart empire didn’t want war. They only wanted to take over cities, villages, homes, libraries, victims like Ottis O’Toole. The WRICH radio frequency now reaches as far as Brewington in Canada’s own true, north, strong, and free. Bad Canadian airwaves floated over the rest of the world’s “good” air. It wasn’t fair, but Lionheart Leaks got the story straight. This magazine is almost like an epic e-zine comic book. My ‘greatest hits’ compilation.

The Breakdown History Radio File

The east wing of Brewington’s Bad Books Library.

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