Out of Time: Ottis O’Toole, Mystery Radio and History

Turning, spinning wildly, drugs, madness, his life was a time bomb ready to explode. He knew the right people, looked and dressed better than ever when he returned to work, back to normal. But as even his friends acknowledged, timing was never one of Ottis O’Toole’s strong suits. Never about playing politics, it was about spinning records.

For much of O’Toole’s career leading up to the Daniel Blowden role, life hadn’t seemed especially fair. The radio broadcaster, voice actor and artist had rarely complained about it, but everyone except him seemed to reap the rewards of a life in radio. In the rural Brewington scene, O’Toole had shared many a romantic evening with his friend Christine Kofan, watching their mentor Johnny Egnatius electrify a company, all while King Pencil Dick played Lionheart’s presidential figurehead. The rest was history.

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