The Early Issues

What Is Bad English?

Bad English is an American/English glam metal supergroup formed in 1987. The group’s music exists almost everywhere, but the band broke up because they couldn’t go on. Some kids know little about the eighties and think bad English means something else. Maybe it’s internet slang, or something even worse.

An informal term for English that does not measure up to approved norms, because it is ungrammatical, poorly spelled, or uses expletives. What we call bad English in the usual sense may be highly effective in the appropriate context (W. Nelson Francis, The English Language, 1967). Sometimes it sounds ridiculous, but it is truth.

There is a long history of bad stuff. The Technossance elevated the level of manufactured art. Brewington’s Bad Library has bad books, periodicals, and music. Bad can be good unless you’re in bad company. It gets too real.

The Baddest Library.

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