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Buena Radio

It was good. But Buck News wasn’t enough business for WOW radio. The station really took off, but metal needed to be harder, stronger, older, tough as nails. Ottis O’Toole had the nerve. He had the grit.

It was like yesterday. I remember his big, important meeting with company executive Johnny Electric.

It all started with a dream.
Puerto Rico’s Dream-Meeting Pizza Hut

“God, you really have a face for radio.” Johnny put on a black porky hat. He was dressed in all-black attire.

“Thanks.” Ottis thought about it for a second, then immediately became self-conscious of his raggedy appearance. “Yeah, I guess I’m good. What do you really think of my impersonations of Mario Juan Valez? I did pretty good, don’t you think?” His voice sounded anxious. A pizza box was on the floor, and he had just finished stuffing his big mouth.

“Good, but here’s the thing. This is a growing enterprise. And we require more from you, my good brother. Our radio stations capture the spirit of this native land. I want you to do more shows, be everybody’s favourite native, but keep it clean. We need more. Some of that business shit is alright, but we need better. Something more Aboriginal. I want you to be the next Indigenous Superman. Let’s make Indians great again. Ottis, bro, have you ever heard of Edward Snowden?” Johnny smirked.

Only two heavy shows, but worth the price of gold. The role of a lifetime created a new role for Ottis in Bro Radio on the Lionheart network. Oh, wow.

It all started with a dream….

La Buena Show #1
La Buena Show #2

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