The Best Way To Wrap On Xmas

We grew up like animals listening to the radio. We never wore socks. We had our feet tattooed. Prints of multi-coloured zebras and lions look pretty cool. I was never a good wrapper, and I always preferred writing like a savage beast.

I was going to get my wife a book for Christmas, but I don’t have any published books. Maybe I should gift wrap a cube of ice. I’m not sure why the Brewington community thinks of me as an immature child. Let’s gather around the Christmas tree and share the spirit of goodwill together. I hope the WRICH radio audio files are in the study.

WRICH Classic Christmas Radio Files

I went back into the study. My lion’s den is where all the fun happens. I believe in Saint Nick. I believe Ottis O’Toole is Daniel Blowden, and it happened like magic. Scavenging through files, I found something else from the old station. If you feel like you’re losing control, you’re on the right track.

WRICH Classic Christmas Radio Files

Again, going back into the study. I’m furiously wrapping Christmas gifts and remembering ghosts from the past like it was yesterday. People think I’m trying to be funny. I’m not a comedian. It does nothing for me. I just need to wrap the gifts tight and tie the last bow. The best. I feel a sick satisfaction.

WRICH Classic Christmas Radio Files
Ho, ho, ho!

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