Holiday Radio


Thanksgiving is time to eat your heart out and reflect.

Younger Canadians will have trouble believing this, but there was once this guy named Daniel Blowden, played by Ottis O’Toole, who would do his DJing on the radio every day. He didn’t seem to have an agenda, or try to make anyone look good, which was cool. He would just do his thing, and then, get this… We would all just make up our own minds about what we thought. A grateful motherfucker, but he didn’t do interviews, he just performed radio duties, read sports, smoked the pipe, a matter-of-factly, then he’d just sign off and shut up.

Daniel Blowden’s Thanksgiving Show
Ottis O’Toole played Daniel Blowden and he wanted a bigger piece of the pie.
WRICH Radio Breakdown Show

The second pie is almost gone.

That’s a wrap. That’s it. That’s all. Gonzo.

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