The Early Issues


Never speak to me again.

Beyond The Blue Kite and I’m releasing the string; back to where it all started. Shocktober the 11th passes.

Brush your teeth, then shout. And yet, I would love for you to read my novel in 2022. I’m rocking hard to write a knock-out book. Beautiful work and a memorable, deeply flawed character in The Stoned Theory Of My Own Destruction. It started out as scribbled words on paper as Time Tracks and Artificial Facts and I destroyed many working titles.

Another feeble shout. It feels much better. A beta reader commented about Ray McFadden. “His interest in music was interesting, and I liked reading about it.” Ray’s story will be available on Amazon; just a Tumblr of unadulterated wickedness.

Never speak to me again.
It’s Something.

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