The Early Issues

What’s Black Dog?

The Technossance in North America was at the height of its success, spanning over three decades before it ended with the plague. 

The vanishing sound of chalk on a blackboard. The teacher was having a nervous breakdown. I was stuck in class at boredom school when I misnamed a Led Zeppelin song to a fan, got heckled for the blunder, and then became an even bigger fan of the rock group. Always colour-confused, down-and-out with the blues before “rocking” out, I named the “Black Dog” song “Blue Dog” and never forgot about it. Some of my imaginary friends thought I was way ahead of my time, ahead by a century, or potentially even more.

So, Black Dog is a song by Led Zeppelin sometimes mistaken for Blue Dog among Technossance thinkers.

Do you want a dog song from that thing they call YouTube?

Some of the world’s greatest failures and most beautiful terrible minds are still feeling the blues.

Blue Dog

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