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3 Traits That Separate Real B-52s From Wannabes

The B-52s are an American new wave band formed in Athens, Georgia, in 1976. The world’s greatest party band immigrated to Canada, moved to Brewington, and the rest is history. B-52s thrive in Brewington. It’s funny, people think of Athens as music central, but it really had nothing happening. It was a farmer’s town, just like Brewington is a farmer’s town of local brewers. It always amazes me how quickly the punk group fit in, spreading bizarre tunes, tin roof, nasally sounds, even animal noises, throughout the community.

Don’t be a wannabe, and here’s how you know you’re one of the B-52s:

  1. You play some sort of instrument, flute, drums or harmonica, or you sing.
  2. You never piloted a B-52 bomber in Vietnam, Iraq or anywhere in the world.
  3. B-52s haven’t given you a hangover like Brewington beer on a Monday morning.
B-52 Shot

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