Holiday Radio

Happy New Year!

Ottis O’Toole was a pro. In my eyes, he was Daniel Blowden in phenomenal shape, at the top of his game, despite substance abuse problems. Burlington has become a zombie town since I left, but I remember. What a great time.

I really got into cards.

But Tony, my cousin south of the border, had a fantastic year. He started his own YouTube channel. Pitch black. Only audio. He moved to Nashville, into the heart of nothingness. He got to see a Memphis Grizzlies game. The place lit up. Smoke everywhere. I’m so fucking proud of my cousin and old Lionheart acquaintances. Lit like Christmas trees. I just hope they all make it out alive. I want Tony to visit me again. It’s been so long.

DJ Tony Tattoni, Grizzlies vs. Nuggets at FedExForum, 2021.

“A telephone conversation? Sure thing.” I got off Skype with Johnny and immediately called my cousin to talk business. “Aloha! How’s the weather and traffic, and all that jazz; and, really, how’s my long-lost relative? Hope everything is going swell. We need to talk about your expenses on the company credit card.”

WRICH Classic New Year’s Radio Special

Old selfie.

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