Holiday Radio

Happy New Year!

Ottis O’Toole was a pro. In my eyes, he was Daniel Blowden in phenomenal shape, at the top of his game, despite substance abuse problems. Burlington has become a zombie town since I left, but I remember. What a great time.

But Tony, my cousin south of the border, had a fantastic year. He started his own YouTube channel. Pitch black. Only audio. He moved to Nashville, into the heart of nothingness. He got to see a Memphis Grizzlies game. The place lit up. Smoke everywhere. I’m so fucking proud of my cousin and old Lionheart acquaintances. Lit like Christmas trees. I just hope they all make it out alive. I want Tony to visit me again.

DJ Tony Tattoni, Grizzlies vs. Nuggets at FedExForum, 2021.

How’s the weather and traffic, and all that jazz, and are you alright?

WRICH Classic New Year Radio File

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